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Guitar Lessons

I teach fundamental guitar skills and folk fingerstyle. I love teaching beginners, both adults and children. I focus on getting a good sound without damaging body parts. If you want to end up playing classical or heavy metal, I can teach you how to do it without hurting yourself and help you find the specialized teacher you'll need next. I also teach ukulele and can start you out on banjo or mandolin.

Here are some of my teaching handouts.
Ergonomics One Hundred Three Chord Songs You Know Two Chords. Now What?

Elder Music

I love to play for our elders, either solo or with Zeke Hoskin. Typically we will do a mix of singalongs, songs that were popular fifty or eighty years ago, and original songs we wrote for our parents. Here are two of our songs: Doin' Eighty Thanks For Being My Mother

Columbia Neighborhood Updates

I send out emails about events and emergencies in Columbia neighborhood. You can join by sending me your email, phone, and street address here. I keep all information confidential. You can read the old ones on the Northern Neighbors web site.

Fl!p's Pix

For years I handed out sheets of paper listing the events I wanted to sit in the front row of. Eventually this grew into an email list that you can join. To subscribe, send me your email address.

George Thomas and Ergonomic Guitars

I have been collaborating with local luthier George Thomas, who is developing guitars designed to be played by people with smaller hands. His Cascadia is a small guitar with a big voice, and I have been bringing prototypes to retreats and guitar camps.

Email: flip@breskin.com
2518 Cherry St, Bellingham, WA 98225, USA